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About Us

The Door Project

In the state of Colorado most households spend more the 50% of  their monthly income on housing.  Straining most families to purchase the necessities such as utilities, health care, and groceries, or even forcing them to be with out a home. 

Habitat for Humanity of Mesa County is teaming up with local artist for our annual Door Project. 

An open door often symbolizes new beginnings and an open view to what lies ahead. Each door displays amazing art and talent that will be up for bid where the proceeds go towards helping a family achieve affordable housing in Mesa County. 

Every Little Bit Helps 

It goes beyond the doors. Mesa County is facing a housing crisis.  The median rent has gone up over 35% in the last year.  Making most of these renter households cost burdened and struggling to make ends meet. 

Habitat for Humanity wants to be the change in affordable housing. We are striving to help break the cycle and bring more safe reliable homes to those families in need.  


You can Donate today to help bring down the cost of building for those in our program. 

A Huge Thank You 

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Habitat for Humanity of Mesa County runs on volunteerism and community support! We would not have been able to do this project with out the help of some amazing people and businesses. 

We stationed doors at these locations to call attention to affordable housing. 


These doors are a statement piece to start a conversation in Mesa County. 

In the state of Colorado most households have to make up to $55,016 annual ($26.45 an hour) to afford a 2 bedroom apartment, making it nearly impossible for a single parent household to provide a safe and reliable place for their family.  


Habitat for Humanity wants to start a conversation! How can we as community create an impact? We want to team up with local businesses and YOU to create change in Mesa County. 

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