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 Home Ownership

Habitat takes pride in following a nondiscriminatory policy of a home-buyer selection.  Neither race nor religion is a factor in our process.

Habitat believes that everyone should have a safe affordable place to call home. Our vision is to partner with individuals and families from application through construction to home ownership.

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To ensure long term success with Habitat home-owners our intentions are to guide them down a path of an important in depth process. This requires hard work, time and dedication as well as willingness to work with volunteers and habitat staff. 

This is a reminder that Habitat for Humanity does not give away homes. Homeowners pay a mortgage with 0% interest. 

Starting an Application 

Attend an applicant orientation meeting to discuss some of the following questions and to see if our program is right for you. 

  • Prospective Habitat owners must demonstrate a need for a safe, affordable housing. 

  • Meets financial requirements as well as showing the need of financial stability

  • Have lived in Grand Junction for the last 2 years  

  • Gather and submit the items for the application. 

Processing and Approval 

After you submit your application the proper habitat staff member reviews and compiles information to give to the Homeowner Selection Committee and the Habitat Board of Directors. The Committee and Directors will look to see if you are a fit for the Habitat program. 

If you are selected you then sign a letter of acceptance in to the program and start your path to home ownership. 

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Home Building and Education 

Habitat for Humanity builds homes by a few staff members and lot of volunteers. Becoming a part of our Home- Ownership program you will work with staff and volunteers to earn sweat equity hours towards your home and others in the program. On average, perspective home owners will have over 500 hours of active participation on the construction site. 

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